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Give Me One Day... I'll Give You 74 Flirting Skills and 34 Flirting Demonstrations: Power With the Opposite Sex That You Can Use For The Rest Of Your Life!

Discover The Flirting Techniques Of A Lifetime - Make Them Part Of Your Life Immediately!

Ginie Sayles' POWER FLIRTING Seminar
For Men And Women
Is Now Available on DVD!

Whether you are now dating, newly divorced, or looking for a change in your life, the POWERFLIRTING insider techniques will open doors for you with the opposite sex!

Unleash Your Natural Flirt!

See Ginie Sayles' Dynamic Seminar on DVD - her techniques have been demonstrated on national television.

Like Ginie Sayles' thousands of successful students worldwide, you will discover:

Body Language that gives you a Secret Power to attract!

Magic Words that can revolutionize your love life

What is and what is not important in physical appearance...

How To project Relationship Confidence even if you're a scaredy-cat

How to be Approachable (very important stuff)

How to know if someone is receptive to you for a relationship

What you should Never tell about yourself to the opposite sex...

73 Action Flirting Skills

34 Flirting Demonstrations

Are you shy?
Ginie has techniques just for you that make flirting so easy and without having to do anything uncomfortable so that you can be an irresistible Natural Flirt - everywhere you go.

Are you bold?
Ginie will show you techniques that can turn you into a dynamic Teasing Flirt!

Are you a high-risk person?
Watch out! Ginie will share gimmicks that can turn you into an Outrageous Flirt! This powerful course contains hours of demonstrations you can watch and learn how to do: COMPREHENSIVE, STEP-BY-STEP ways to interact with the opposite sex more quickly and easily than ever before!!

You will discover how to flirt literally everywhere you go - and how to respond when others flirt right back at you! Ginie Sayles, the best-selling author, demonstrates the insider techniques of flirting with men and women: what to do, how and where to stand, what to say, and when!

Frequently Asked Questions about "Power Flirting with Ginie Sayles"

What exactly will I receive?
You receive Ginie Sayles's seminar "Power Flirting"on 2 DVDs, created from Ginie Sayles' now world-famous seminar!

Is this program available at bookstores?
No, this seminar is not available in bookstores

Will my privacy be protected so that only I will know what I have ordered?
Yes! Your package - and your credit statement - will only show the name of our publishing company. Your privacy is assured!

Letters From Seminar Attendees:

"I have spent a lot of time 'working' on myself, yet I was not meeting or attracting the opposite sex. I feel now that I have the plan." - LM, San Francisco, CA

"This course has given me a lot of new tools to work with and I intend to start using them!" - J.G, Dallas, TX

"Excellent, Motivating, Entertaining. Builds self-confidence and self-esteem. Fun. You truly are wonderful. Thanks a million." - MN, New York, NY

Unfortunately, This Seminar is Not Available Through Our Website Currently.

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"Without Ginie Sayles, I Would Probably Still Be Single."

"Flirting did not come to me naturally. Because of Ginie Sayles, I have been happily married for fourteen years to an airline pilot and great guy. Without her advice, I would probably still be single. Take her advice! It works!"

- G.W.

"I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't found the right person yet."

"I saw Ginie Sayles on 'Oprah'.... She offers a lot of helpful advice on dating & maintaining relationships.

"Use this as a resource to find 'Mr. Right' and be ethical about it. Don't let people tell you it's game playing because it's not. No one can play a game forever and most people will be on their best behavior while dating.

"Adjusting your habits (especially bad habits), improving your appearance & dating behavior just makes sense when you are trying to find a lifelong partner.

"I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't found the right person yet & wants to find someone to fit into their desired lifestyle."

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